October 13, 2008

Into the Wild-Sarah Beth Durst

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by Sarah Beth Durst

Julie lives the life of a normal girl in a normal home with normal family friends. But under the pretense, she has some secrets. Under her bed lives a collection of green vines. These are the Wild, which her mother, Rapunzel (yes, the fairy-tale one), somehow defeated and escaped from five hundred years before.

Besides enduring the monster under the bed, Julie also has to live with her mother’s wide range of friends, all fairy-tale characters who also escaped. But the Wild doesn’t just give up. And when the Wild returns, kidnapping Julie’s mother and terrorizing her town, she must go and be the hero in a cruel place which she has underestimated for nearly all her life.

This book was gripping. Nearly every chapter had a cliffhanger ending. The plot is convincing, the intermixing with twists on traditional fairy-tales intriguing, and the characters well-drawn.

What I liked about this book was how the fairy-tale characters regarded the Wild. It had an interesting perspective I’d never heard before, accented by a warning on the back:

Beware of the Wild.

It bites…

The Wild takes hold and doesn’t let go. Just like this book.

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  1. Leigha said,

    I really liked this book. And I really want to read the sequel. 🙂

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