November 8, 2008

Palace of Mirrors- Margaret Peterson Haddix

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palaceofmirrorsby Margaret Peterson Haddix

Cecelia is not a normal peasant girl. Actually, she’s the real princess, raised up in this remote village so as to keep her safe, while Princess Desmia is merely a fake used to trick the people who killed her father and mother, the King and Queen.

But when Cecelia goes to claim the throne, she meets with challenges she had never imagined.

I approached this book with caution. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I’d read Just Ella, which took place in the same universe (and which focuses on Ella Brown, who reappears in this book), I found it boring. Even now I remember it as predictable and not very impressive.

But Palace of Mirrors surprised me. The plot was entertaining and diverting, and the characters intriguing. It’s the sort of book that has both nice parts and parts that don’t seem to fit. The ending seemed too happily-ever-after, and the explanation didn’t seem quite possible. Yet, I think the idea was a good one, and almost pulled off.

Cecelia’s a good narrator, and it was interesting to revisit Ella Brown. It’s not a must-read, but it would be a nice read all the same.



  1. Amanda said,

    hey this is amanda i got this book from my school bookfair today and i have read to the 4th chapter and it is a great well awesome book so fair it is my favorite bokk ever but it has 32chapters so i better get busy reading bye gotta go read!

  2. Jade said,

    The Palce Of Mirrors is a really good book I just got it about a week ago and I already finished it was a really good book!

  3. mary said,

    heyy i love this book it is awasomke can’t wait till the other one is out l0l

  4. Michelle said,

    I think The Haddix books are awesome. I have read every one of the Shadow Children series. I am getting ready to read PALACE OF MIRRORS!

    I can’t wait to learn about Cecelia and Desima

    I think Desmia is like a clone or the same person as Cecelia

  5. Michelle said,

    I am going to get it from my school bookfair Monday! can’t wait!

  6. Sierra said,

    I just finnished reading “Palace of Mirrors.” It was really good. I liked how at the end Harper and Cecilia decded to get married because if they hadn’t it would have been kinda sad. It was interesting how the true princess died at bourth. But i would like to read her other books.

  7. volleyball freak said,


  8. bryonna said,

    i got this book for a book report i love the book so far and i like think im going to buy it when i’m done cause it a friends book!

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