November 17, 2008

The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen – Syrie James

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janeaustenby Syrie James

Something that is often mentioned when people bring up the famous author of Pride and Prejudice (among others) is that Jane Austen, a writer of romance, died a spinster. All her books ended with a wedding (at least one wedding) but she herself never married.

Many people have imagined what might have happened if Jane Austen had had a romance, one that she kept secret for certain reasons.

What if someone found a sealed up chest in Jane Austen’s former house – and it was revealed to be full of Austen’s own experiences – and one of them told of a romance of her own?

The novel takes place while Jane is revising Sense and Sensibility. I really liked reading how her “real-life experiences” let themselves out in S&S. And because Austen is so famous a writer about courtships, I think people (in general, woman) would love to hear that she had her own romance.

I personally loved reading all Jane Austen’s books (yes, sadly I’ve already read all of them, so I can never read one of them anew again), and I found this view into her personal life was very fun. The language was good, in a way that echoed Austen’s, and Syrie James somehow managed to blend a bittersweet romance to perfectly correspond with other events that occurred in her life at that time. It was fantastic.



  1. Morgan Keener said,

    I am currently a high school senior and am exploring the topic of Jane Austen’s possible love interests. I really enjoyed Syrie James’ book and was wondering if you could possibly provide me with more information about Miss Austen.

  2. Merissa said,

    Sadly, I don’t know that much about Jane Austen, other then her six books (and their forwards and afterwards). She’s incredibly interesting, but I don’t really know anything about her that I haven’t somehow stumbled upon.

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