March 2, 2009

(Rather late) announcement

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:00 am by Merissa

I was just dropping by, and I guess I feel guilty. This post that I wrote halfway before being called away (I think I wrote it on Thursday or something) sums some of it up pretty well:

I admit it! The last time I posted was, uh, January, I think. Around the beginning of January.

To give a review, it was basically about my (maybe) changing back to blogger from wordpress and how I would tell you guys when I decided. Then I disappeared.

I tried to make sure you guys knew that I didn’t suddenly die by continuing to comment on some blogs, although I admit that I did discontinue a lot of stuff. I assure you, it’s all explainable.

I am

Judging from the last fragment, I was called away in a gigantic emergency. But don’t worry, nobody died, or anything like that. I think I was supposed to wash the dishes.

And by no means can you ignore the dishes!

Anyway, yes, I am still deciding between wordpress and blogger; although right now I’m leaning toward wordpress, because I do love its beautiful dashboard layout.

But I’m not going to decide anytime soon. Because I have decided to stop blogging for a while. Or I think so. (Maybe this marks the beginning of starting to post again? I know I’ve just read Laurie Halse Anderson’s Chains, so…)

By the way, even if I do start blogging again, it’ll probably be pre-written on paper and then quickly typed up, read over, and posted, as I have decided I spend way too much time on the computer, and I need to stop.

So I’m not sure if that’s the best explanation ever, but I hope I have explained it (although thinking about it, the explanation is only in the previous paragraph. But who’s going into details? I am not. Hopefully you will not either. Humor me, your friend who is currently inflicted with heavy indecision.)


PS – This has nothing at all to do with anything, but I have to mention that the weather forecast predicts snow. Snow! And perhaps school will be delayed tomorrow, so I can sleep in. Lovely, lovely snow. (But I do not want them to cancel school, because then they’d take another day off spring break! Yes, another. They have already taken one day off. 😦 ) But on a positive note: Go snow!



  1. Maya said,

    I’ll be waiting for you, then 🙂

  2. Leigha said,

    Merissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles in hugs* 😀

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